Olin Brass

Olin Brass is a leading manufacturer, fabricator and converter of non-ferrous products, including sheet, strip, foil, tube and fabricated components in North America. While primarily processing copper and copper-alloys, Olin Brass also rerolls and forms other metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum. Olin Brass's products are used in five primary markets: building and housing, munitions, automotive, coinage, and electronics/electrical components.

Olin Brass manufactures its products through four sites in North America. The integrated brass mill in East Alton, Illinois is the main operating facility, which produces strip products. Strip products are processed further through the segment's downstream operations for value added applications. Olin Brass's downstream operations include: a stamping operation located in East Alton; a rolling mill in Waterbury, Connecticut with rolling, annealing, leveling, plating and slitting capabilities for various products; a rolling mill in Bryan, Ohio specializing in products sold in the automotive and electronics/electrical components markets; and a manufacturing facility in Cuba, Missouri that produces high frequency welded copper-alloy tube for heat transfer, decorative, automotive and plumbing applications. Olin Brass also has operations in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China through a service center joint venture with Luoyang Copper.

Chase Brass and Copper Company, LLC

Chase Brass is a leading manufacturer of brass rod in North American. Chase Brass primarily manufactures rod in round and other shapes, ranging from 1/4 inch to 4.5 inches in diameter. The key attributes of brass rod include its machinability, corrosion resistance and moderate strength, making it especially suitable for forging and machining products such as valves and fittings. Chase Brass produces brass rod used in production applications which can be grouped into four primary markets: building and housing, transportation, electronics/electrical components and industrial machinery and equipment.

Chase Brass manufactures all brass rod at its facility located in Montpelier, Ohio and distributes all of its products directly to customers. Chase Brass holds exclusive rights for the production and sale of lead-free brass rod in North America, sold under the Green Dot® Rod and Eco Brass® alloy brand names.

A.J. Oster

A.J. Oster has historically been a processor and distributor of primarily copper and copper-alloy sheet, strip, and foil. However, with the acquisition of the Alumet business on November 1, 2017, A.J. Oster significantly expanded its product portfolio into aluminum sheet and coated aluminum products. The acquisition also deepened its presence in the signage (aluminum) and roofing (copper and copper-alloy) markets within the building and housing industry. A.J. Oster historically operated six strategically located service centers in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Mexico and, with the Alumet acquisition, added five more service centers, including those in the South and Southeast where A.J. Oster had no presence. A.J. Oster is strategically focused on satisfying its customers' needs, with a high level of service, quality and flexibility by offering customization and just-in-time delivery. A.J. Oster's value-added processing services include precision slitting and traverse winding to provide greater customer press up-time, hot air level tinning for superior corrosion resistance and product enhancements such as edging and cutting. A.J. Oster's products are used in three primary markets: building and housing, automotive and electronics/electrical components.